Industry 4.0 & Industrial Internet Of Things Workshop

In just 7 hours of time, learn in demand knowledge and skills. Obtain a basic understanding in Industrial Internet Of Things, which is the essential aspect in Industry 4.0 by using Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC) hardware.

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What is Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC) ?

What is Internet Of Things (IoT)?

Our Learning Goals

Goal 1

Knowledge Enhancement

Enhance knowledge on Internet of Things (IOT) and the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and BigData concept in detail.

Goal 1
Goal 2

Better Understanding

To provide trainees with better understanding about 4th industrial revolution with its needs, applications, resources and future concerns.

Goal 2
Goal 3

Technology Skillset

To provide an essential skill of how to program and design the Internet of Things (IoT) projects and applications.

Goal 3
Goal 4

Real World Application

To provide trainees the ability to start working and building their own real-world projects to develop IoT Applications.

Goal 4
Goal 5

Understanding Protocol

To give better understanding on IoT Platform that how Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor & Actuator layer, Communication layer and Cloud layer works.

Goal 5
Goal 6

Programming Skills

To provide trainees with Programing skills of Internet of Things (IoT) Controller, designing skills for connecting sensors and actuators and developing skills for Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud and Mobile Application development.

Goal 6
Goal 7

Develop Confidence

Develop confidence in designing and implementation of real word Internet of Things (IoT) applications and projects.

Goal 7

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A Multipurpose Educational and Research Platform (MERP) based on Advance Internet of Things (IoT) Controller with sample application will be utilized for this training. We will use SIEMENS SIMATIC IOT2020 as the hardware controller and AdaFruit/ThingSpeak as the IoT Cloud platform.

Yes, participants are requested to bring your own laptop for programming of the controller and development of the mobile and web/cloud applications.

This training is based on multiple software’s like: –

  • IoT Controller Programming Software (IBM Node-Red, Python & IDE)
  • Mobile Application Software (MQTT Dash)
  • Web Application /Cloud Computing Software (AWS IoT, ThingSpeak & Adafruit)

We will send out the instructions for software installation after we confirm your attendance and payment.

Anyone who wants to hand on real Industry 4.0 and to learn more IoT in-depth with hands-on IoT projects to design and develop real industry applications for the 4th Industrial Revolution Transformation of today business. (No basic skill needed)

Yes, there will be certificate provided to participant who finished the entire workshop. Our certificate is issued by Malaysia Robotic and Automation Society (MYRAS). 

Yes, this is a HRDF Claimable workshop.

  • Trainee will be familiar and mastered the basic understandings of Internet of Things (IOT) and Industry 4.0
  • Trainee willhave better understanding of new trend of IoT, Digitalization, Transformation of Industry hands-on experience.
  • Trainees can contribute in IoT Ecosystem with design and development of IOT Application skills
  • Trainees will successfully able to build real practical IoT applications.

Date: 28 November 2018

Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm

Futurise Centre

Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

No, there will not be any replacement class after the end of every session. Fee is not refundable as well.

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