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Start building your programming skills today by joining our coding workshops and classes, to learn Scratch, Robotic and iOS & Android App Development. 

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Gieption Education innovates and evolutionize the traditional programming class. As programming becomes next big things in education sector, students should acquire programming knowledge as soon as possible. Our educational solution is revised from time to time, in adapting the lastest technological development and educational methods.


We have our dedicated Research and Development center, specifically formulated for students in exploring the endless possibilities of programming including Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligent (AI), Robotic Development, Mobile App Development, Website Development and others.


Gieption create the benchmark programming syllabus specifically for each stage of students. We have innovation challenges for their achievements’ evaluation before entering next stage. The full flexibility and “one-on-one” education concept enable us to deliver exceptional quality programming class for students to embrace up-coming digital age.

Our Classes.


For Kids

Gieption Education provides fundamental programming for kids to build up their interest in programming. Scratch is a free programming language and online community where kids can create their own stories, games and animations.



For Teenagers to Adults

Android is the largest operating system for mobile platform. We provides various Android programming education including beginner level – MIT App Inventor, Android App Development by Android Studio,  Android Things and etc.



For Everyone

We provides comprehensive programming coding programme for everyone who is interested to step up their career path. As Industry 4.0 is approaching, Gieption Education provides programming bootcamp and workshops including C++, JAVA, Python, HTML5 & CSS3 language. We also provides mathematical programming fundamental classes for beginner in programming.



For Kids and Teenagers

Gieption Education provides comprehensive intellectual and scientific development for kids and teenagers through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education. Our ideology is enable them to learn by playing and nurturing their interest in science. Periodical fun activities, experiments, workshops and others are given for students to grow their interest in STEM.

RE:Think Education.


For Kids and Teenagers

Gieption Education provides QBot Robotic for students in applying problem solving skill, logical thinking and programming knowledge to build a functioning robot. They will learn through playing.


interest class

For Everyone

The interest class is an one day to two days class, in which students will learn different skills in different perspective. They learn what they like and like what they learn- in which the “interest” class stands for.



For Teenagers and Adults

Gieption Education provides full fledged Arduino-based microcontroller to build electronics projects. As an early stage in preparing for upcoming Industry 4.0, developing a microcontroller based project is beneficial for students in exploring endless possibilities of programming.



For Teenagers and Adults

Gieption Education provides comprehensive Raspberry Pi-based microcontroller to build electronics projects including robot, sensory system, lighting, remote control and etc. It enables students to learn and generate their interest in programming.


Why programming?

Career Game Changer

Secure your future career by equipping programming skill since programming is the only skill you need for upcoming Industry 4.0 which replaces all human with intelligent machines

Unleash Your Kids' Potential

Ignite your kids' potential in mathematical skills, logical thinking and passion in programming, to migrate them from technological consumption to the technological creator and innovator

Learn Beyond Classroom

Your kids deserve to explore the outside world by learning beyond classroom. By conducting science experiments, robotic design, game creator and etc., everything is possible with the endless creativity of your kids


I love to learn coding because I can play while learning. Scratch is my favourite since it has so many characters for me to choose and play with coding.

Mei Fong

I love science and computer. Science experiments and robotic classes are my favourite because I can learn how to control a robot with coding.

Felicia Ong

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